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   Dedicated to bringing


Ethical, Compassionate Horsemanship

back to the Equestrian Industry 

  and to creating   


 Fun, Joyful Adventures for You and Your Horse


   Sacred Connections Horsemanship uses scientific and

    time-proven systems specially designed to Preserve Your Horse's:


 Health       Soundness       and       Well-Being 


While allowing you to reach your riding goals in the

                                        easiest fastest way possible without hurting your horse.


           Imagine the possibilities . . . 

“It is only through a fundamental understanding of the horse’s natural
balance, movement, behavior and energetic/spiritual being that we can build
understanding and cooperation between horse and rider.” 

                                                                   — Peace Rider Catherine Hunter 


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works for all riders of all styles.


What people are saying about

Sacred Connections Horsemanship:


A beautiful blend of practical knowledge for safe, effective riding. A startlingly sensible guide to achieving the joy of a true partnership with your horse.

– USDF Bronze Medalist Meredith MacKenzie  


Folks are amazed how well I ride now and the performance of my horse. They always want to know, 'How do you do that?' Before riding with SCH, I was a tight rider, looking good, but clutching for dear life to my horse, unable to achieve the performance from my horse Shaddeaux and feel good about my riding.

Now I gallop over hill and dale with confidence, relaxation, cooperation and security from Shaddeaux.

—Jeanine W.


I love the results I've seen using the Sacred Connections Horsemanship system to rehabilitate abused horses. The foundation of clear communication is strong, so confidence and trust builds in horse and rider allowing both to relax and connect through their divine essence. What joy it is to gallop securely across a field on a horse that once grabbed the bit and bolted from fear. Patience and practice are key to success in horsemanship. 

I grew up riding hunter/jumpers on the show circuit in southern CA and I loved my time at the barn, but something was missing. My knees and low back hurt, and I rode with stiff arms from trying to manage an off the track thoroughbred at 12 years old before I was ready. When I found Sacred Connections Horsemanship and began to study forward riding, unlearning years of old habits took time.
Gradually I noticed my knee pain eased, my back pain eased and I was able to connect with my horse in the present moment. Riding is now a cooperative and consistently joyful experience.
—Mare M.

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Divine Equine

Together we have soared
Down secret trails and lanes;
Upon your wings I’ve dreamed
Of the hidden and arcane.

We’ve raced across green fields
And in fantasies I dream:
A magic sword I wield
Of light and brighter things.

I’ve known silken touch,
Proud crest draped with mane
And ken wordless union
Through slightest breath of rein.

Together we have galloped
Past all my youthful fears,
For you blessed me with your silence
As I shed heartfelt tears.

I’ll always hear the echo
Of your hooves upon the turf,
See sun dapple on your coat
As we shed the bonds of earth. 

Together we have galloped
Down roads I’d ne’er have known.
For with my faithful horse
I’ll never be alone.

By Catherine Hunter

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