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    “In riding a horse, we borrow freedom.”  Dreamstar 2

          ~ Helen Thomson 

Have you experienced Rider Abuse?

Have you walked away from a lesson scared, confused, frustrated

or even in pain? 

 Riding is supposed to be FUN! 

for both Horse and Rider! 


We at Sacred Connections Horsemanship feel your frustration . . .

    We hear your cries for help . . .

    We've heard the stories of riders spending years and years, and thousands of dollars trying to learn to post.

    We've heard the unrealized dreams of riders forever going in circles trying to keep their heels down.

    We hear the unspoken fears.

    We hear the frustration and see the tears as you tell us:

“I just want to ride my horse.” 

“. . . basically every rider and every coach seems to be busy ‘training’ the horse – and I put this ‘training’ in quotation marks – for some upcoming competition, instead we should be very busy training equestrians.” ~ Charlesde Kunffy, The Horse Magazine. 


Most “instructors” today simply coach riders for the show ring.

Becuase of economic pressures to rush riders and horses to the show ring, we now have a generation of "instructors" who not only lack the knowledge and skills to correctly train a horse and rider, they can no longer recognize poor, or damaging training because it has sadly become the accepted norm.

Most of today's “instructors” simply coach for a “look,” rather than understanding a proven system that develops highly functional riders. 


The Sacred Connections Horsemanship difference:

    The SCH team understands that training successful horses and riders

              requires a time-proven, systematic approach.

By following the time and scientifically, proven systems of traditional Forward Riding and true, classical Dressage SCH insturctors and trainers never push a horse or rider beyond their physical mental or emotional capacity. This prevents physical, mental or emotional abuse and allows both horse and rider to build confidence, security, trust and effective communication.

It [Forward Riding] provides the basic skills in the horse and rider from which to go forward into any discipline.”Olympic gold medalist, AHSA Horseman of the Year, USHJA Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Joe Fargis, Forward: Schooling and Riding the Sport Horse.

If you are looking for more . . .

   If you are looking for more Fun . . .

   If you want to feel more secure . . .

   If you want more communication and cooperation with your horse . . .


Contact Sacred Connetions Horsemanship and

 Discover how fun Riding can really be!


Call Us At 828-505-9221

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