Riders can work with the horse's chakra energy patterns to bring the horse energetically up into its higher chakras. By connecting with the horse's higher chakras (fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh) the rider improves communication and connects with the horse's heart, mind and spirit.

Chakra (chuhk-ruh) is an ancient East Indian term used to describe the energy patterns connected to the body’s systems, organs and emotional and spiritual structure. These patterns are located in the midline of the body (near the spine) and reflect both spiritual and physical energy. All creatures are considered to have seven chakras. The organization of these patterns functions similarly in both humans and animals. In addition to the chakras being located in basically the same areas of the human and equine bodies, the energy patterns for each chakra are similar.




Through an understanding of how these energy patterns manifest into the physical form,

the rider can assess the horse's training level, understand problems and issues and

determine how to approach the horse for clearing and opening his chakras. 


Illumination . . .

Discover how to open the doors of understanding and communication between you and your horse. Learn to communicate in a language your horse can understand. Find your balance and help your horse discover his.


Phase 1 - Non-Interfering     

The first Three Chakras     

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Our journey of empowerment begins in the First Chakra. A horse in pain, a horse confused, or otherwise feeling unsafe, simply cannot focus on training or properly respond to the rider’s signals. Sacred Connections Horsemanship explores and helps you solve the hidden issues that prevent your horse from becoming his most authentic, trusting self.

Through the relationship energy of the Second Chakra, Sacred Connections Horsemanship opens the doors to leadership–not through subduing  or dominatling the horse–but by inspiring him to eagerly follow your lead. With knowledge of the Four Key Essentials and the Five Communication Basics, you can develop a non-interfering seat that protects your horse from unintentional confusion or harm and supports his natural movement, balance and understanding.

Armed with these Four Key Essentials and Five Communication Basics, you will help your horse enter the self-confidence power of the Third Chakra and begin to show his personal brilliance. Horses with strong third chakra energy become quiet, calm and much more confident. Without having to de-sensitize your horse, you gain a bold, confident mount that willingly follows your lead and, calmly and bravely, takes you wherever you wish to ride.


Phase 2          

The Fourth Chakra – Trusting

Phase2Trust – the elusive dream many talk about, but few truly achieve or even understand. This Fourth Chakra energy is vital in creating a loving bond between horse and rider 
and developing more advanced abilities in the horse. Trust opens the door for a deep and true bond between horse and rider.

Once engaged, the fourth chakra, gives access to your horse’s higher charkas. This creates a clear and open connection to your horse’s heart, mind and spirit.

Through a series of easy to follow exercises Sacred Connections Horsemanship shows you the secrets to an empowered feeling of trust and security for you and your horse, and the clear, pure communication that creates true unity.


Enlightenment . . .

Once you have established this deep trust and security between you and your horse, you are ready to begin work in the higher charkas. This allows you to create an enlightened connection through the horse’s heart, mind and spirit.


Phase 3     

Fifth and Sixth Chakras – Cooperating

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If you want more than a horse that submits, if you want a horse that becomes a willing, empowered partner – enter the realms of the Fifth Chakra. In the fifth chakra, communication becomes a two-way, give and take dialog between horse and rider.

Sacred Connections Horsemanship shows you how to combine the fairness, leadership, clarity, consistency and fun you have developed, to create a deep and empowering communication between you and your horse. Through this depth of communication and empowerment, your horse becomes a willing, eager partner.

Mindful riding engages when the horse enters his Sixth Chakra. By engaging this energy the horse is able to reach beyond his instinctive reactions and enter the thought processes that allow him to understand the rider’s slightest whisper. In the sixth chakra, the level of communication becomes so deep and subtle it is undetected by most observers. Yet horse and rider create an effortless ballet of one body, one mind and one spirit.



Discover the world of energetic communication between you and your horse. Go beyond signals to an understanding and spirit centered connection  that allows you and your horse to become one.

Phase 4       

The Seventh Chakra – Enlightened


It is through Seventh Chakra energy we gain a deep, soulful connection between horse, rider and the Divine. Riders achieve all their riding dreams while empowering their horses in full, equal and enlightened partnership.

In a matter of months, most of today’s horse lovers can find moments of this soul deep connection by accessing the horse’s higher chakra’s through the fourth chakra. For those ready to continue the journey of enlightenment, Sacred Connections Horsemanship helps you and your horse find a continuous connection through the seventh chakra. Such connection allows you to become one as you gallop across green fields, soar over big jumps, fly through a reining or barrel pattern or achieve true, fluid collection.


For all horse lovers, the dream of an Illuminated, Enlightened, Empowered partnership with your horse can be achieved by following the system, never hurting your horse and never, ever, betraying his trust. Sacred Connections Horsemanship gives you all the tools you need to reach this ultimate goal of riding in seventh chakra energy,
                                   whether all the time or,
                                                              whenever your heart most desires....     

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