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Remote Consults 

Many Equestrians are using these challenging times to work with their horses at home and focus on improving their relationships with their horses.

To best support riders isolated by the Covid 19 virus, Sacred Connections Horsemanship is offering Remote Consults and Communication for horses and their owners.

Through the use of videos, photos and conversation, our instructors, trainers and energetic communicators can help:

  • Answer questions
  • Offer critiques
  • Outline individual work-at-home programs
  • Suggest custom exercises for you and your horse
  • Help your horse have a voice
  • Much more 

     Remote Consults/Communication sessions are only $125

     Follow-up sessions only $85.  


What clients are saying about SCH remote Consults:

"This is great... thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback! You answered some very important questions that have been worrying me." ~ Julie A. Florida


For more informaiton or to schedule your SCH Remote Consult 


SCH Clinics 


More than just groundwork, Sacred Connections Horsemanship Clinics combine:


To help Riders develop a Strong Foundation in which their Horses:

  • Feel Safe
  • Move Freely Forward
  • Develop Fluidity and Balance
  • Become Round and Soft
  • Respond Calmly and Quietly
  • Are Able to Focus During Training
  • Easily Respond to Soft, Subtle Communication
  • Are Eager and Willing to Cooperate
  • Trust Their Riders

SCH 3-Day Clinic Workshops are held Friday through Sunday and include:

  • Frequent blocks of riding time
  • Discussions with alternative healing practitioners
  • Rider evaluations
  • Mounted demonstrations
  • Organized theory sessions
  • Equine structural and energetic evaluations
  • Discussions of issues and problems

SCH presents the following types of 3-Day Clinics:

  • Old School Forward Riding Clinics
  • Cross-Country Riding Clinics
  • Communication your Horse can Understand Clinics
  • Healthy Boundaries Clinics
  • Functional Riding Cinics
  • Letting Go and letting your horse move
  • Others — call/email for info

3-Day Clinics $475 per rider ~  Auditors $35

SCH 3-Day FREE Friday Demo! 6 to 8 PM - Public Invited

Saturdays & Sundays 8:30 am to 5:30 pm - (clinic participants and auditors only)

 SCH 3-Day Clinic Workshops accommodate from 10 to 14 riders, depending on the facility.

Number of auditors are limited to the facility capacity. 

Click here to purchase your Clinic


 SCH presents the following types of 4-Hour Mini-Clinics*:  

* Subject to location and availability. 

  • Lunging Less
  • Developing Core Strength
  • Upper Body Balance and Movement
  • Posting
  • Developing an Effective Leg
  • Others — Call/eMail for Info

4-Hour Mini-Clinics $125 per rider (limit 8 riders)

Saturdays 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

 Number of Auditors ~ depends on topic being covered

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Click here to learn about SCH 5-Day Luxury Retreats

Click here to find out more about hosting SCH clinics workshops.


SCH Clinic Workshops create a highly functional foundation for all horses and riders and are therefore are open to all all styles of riding. Because they develop a deeper, more loving relationship between horse and rider, SCH Clinic Workshops appeal to riders of all levels* ~ elementary through advanced.

Sacred Connections Horsemanship's Lead Trainer, Catherine Hunter, along with a team of highly skilled equine professionals, brings a combined total of more than 75 years of experience training horses and riders. Their wide-range of expertise includes disciplines such as hunter/jumper, fox hunting, mounted police, racing, trail, western, gaited and long distance riding. Catherine is also a nationally rated rider, a licensed trainer and has trained with olympic coaches, US Cavalry instructors and national judges.

*SCH requests that new riders be able to ride at trot while riding within a group.

 Contact SCH for schedules and pricing, or for hosting opportunities. 



Description of Clinic Topics

SCH Presents:

Traditional FORWARD RIDING Clinic workshop

caprilli gallop jump pic cropped pic 2

STEP BACK IN TIME and discover why Forward Riding is re-gaining popularity and why it is still relevant for today's riders.

Forward Riding was developed, on the Steppes of Asia 7,000 years ago, by the first horsemen. Because of their phenomenal abilities in the saddle, these early riders, later known as the Mongol's and the Cossack's, became recognized as some of the greatest horsemen in history. In the late 1800s and early 1900s the Italian and United States cavalries adapted Forward Riding for their training systems. Horsemen soon realized that the Forward Riding system was ideal for fox hunting, cross-country, eventing and jumping because it allowed the rider to successfully:

clinic box 5

Click here to read how SCH uses Forward Riding to help you preserve your horse's health, soundness and well-being and

  • Create a loving, cooperative Horse
  • Help you feel more confident and secure about your riding
  • Communicate with a deeper level of understanding 
  • Create a strong, athletic, responsive horse
  • Have more fun in your riding!



SCH Presents Introductory Special:

Healthy Boundaries Clinic workshop


$250 per rider ~  Auditors $75

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In our efforts to train our horses’ minds and bodies,

it is immeasurably important not to crush their spirits.

How is this done without increasing risk or winding up with a horse 

that is scared or even out of control?

Using wisdom from the first horseman, safety tips from the racetracks, insights from alternative modalities, and practical, everyday activities, SCH helps horse lovers discover how to:

• Feel more confident in all aspects of handling horses

• Develop trust and understanding

• Increase communication skills

• Create healthy boundaries

• Lead through inspiration rather than dominance 

SCH shows riders how, by creating a safer, healthy environment for their horses, establishing clear, consistent guidelines the horses can understand, and by never asking them to perform beyond their physical, mental or emotional abilities, riders can create a safe space for their horses to become whole, healthy, confident beings. Such horses are easier to handle, more fun to ride, come eagerly when called, and are alert, happy, relaxed and engaged when working with their riders.


 Hosting a Clinic

Sacred Connections Horsemanship's goal is for all riders and horses seeking help to find the answers. With that in mind, we are happy to talk with you about hosting a clinic at your location. The following is a general description of what is needed for hosting a clinic.

Basic Facilities requirements:


A ring or arena minimum of 100' x 150 feet – A covered arena is great, but not necessary if the outdoor ring has safe footing for riding when the ground is wet.

The ring should have a railing approximately 3 or more, feet high. Note – Metal round pen or farm panels are not ideal.

Number of participants:

SCH clinic can accommodate between 10 and 14 riders, depending on the size of the ring. Number of auditors is not limited.

Classroom area:

An area for theory class. This can be the shed row or barn aisle, a tack room, meeting room, classroom or other similar area. The classroom area will need adequate seating to accommodate all clinic participants and auditors. If possible, the area should have electricity for the clinician to power a computer and screen.

Outside riding space:

A space to ride outside the ring is ideal. Especially if it has some uneven ground, small hills and/or small banks.


A restroom facility – a porta john can be sufficient. Please provide clean running water for participants to wash hands before lunch.


The facility should have adequate stalls to accommodate participants. Ideally stalls should be on the facility grounds, but can be at a nearby barn and participants can trailer back and forth.

Trailer parking:

Adequate parking for horse trailers with turn around space. Trailer parking area should be large enough and have footing suitable for horses to be tied to the trailer during the day.


SCH provides marketing support to help promote the clinic and handles all registration.

For more information about hosting clinics contact:

Sacred Connections Horsemanship 828-505-9221 


Call Us At 828-505-9221

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