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Sacred Connections Horsemanship Book

Sacred Connections Horsemanship Book


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Sacred Connections Horsemanship by Catherine Hunter          

2017, Grateful Steps Foundation Publishing House, Asheville, NC

264-page Paperback

 What if….

       You felt safe galloping down hills…

       You could ride your horse anywhere…

       And riding was all you’d ever dreamed it would be?

Sacred Connections Horsemanship shows you how to create a loving, enlightened partnership with your horse. Within this book is a step-by-step, logical approach to understanding and working with the horse through the wisdom of chakra energy. The method includes a system of communication using a language the horse can understand and a non-interfering way of riding that creates a healthy flow of energy between horse and rider. Here you will discover the secrets to feeling bold and confident while riding, and to creating the safe, cooperative, fun, happy horse you’ve always dreamed of riding.

This book is for the rider who wants more than a horse that submits. It is for the horseman or woman who wants more than playing games . . . For those who wish a deep, empowering connection with the horse’s mind, body and spirit . . .

“A beautiful blend of practical knowledge for safe, effective riding. A startlingly simple guide to achieving the joy of a true partnership with your horse.” ~ USDF Bronze Medalist Meredith MacKenzie

Author Catherine Hunter is the Peace Rider, who rode her Thoroughbred, Count of War, from South Carolina to Ground Zero in New York City. She is a nationally rated rider, a licensed trainer and former police horse trainer. Within these pages she has combined the best of classical riding, the wisdom of the ancient horsemen and her study of mind, body, spirit work to create a new way of empowering horse and rider into a full, enlightened partnership.

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